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    Used 7600Gl Nitrogen Bulk trailer

    Used 7600Gl Nitrogen Bulk trailer for sale

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    Skid Nitrogen Pumper with Tank

    Skid mounted high pressure nitrogen pumper made by hydra rig For Sale

  • NOV 840K Direct Fired Nitrogen Pumper

    NOV 840K Direct Fired Nitrogen Pumper for sale

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    Manufacturer: NOV Hydra Rig

    • Fluids Pumped: Nitrogen
    • Maximum Flow Rate: 12,000 SCFM (128 GPM)
    • Maximum Working Pressure: 10,000 PSI with option for 15,000 PSI


    Triplex Pump

    • 3-ICP-600 Counter Balanced Power End with

    2.33:1 Gear Reduction Box

    • Cold End Sizes: 2.00” to 3.25” Diameter
    • Unloader Cold Ends are available as an

    Centrifugal Pump

    • 1.5” x 2.5” x 6” Mechanical Seal

    Magnetic Drive


    • 720,000 SCFH Direct Fired Vaporizer
  • New Nitrogen Bulk Trailer

    New Nitrogen Bulk Trailer, Capacity of 7706 US Gallons,

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    Cryogenics Vessel Alternatives 10,887-USG Lined and Insulated Tank for sale

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    Halliburton TPU-400FH Trailer Combo Pumping Unit

    Pump, Nitrogen & Fluid Pumper, Triplex, 180,000scfh Max N2 Rate, 5.0bbl/m Max Fluid Rate,
    10,000psig Max WP, w/(2) Engines, Detorit Diesel, Tank 88in x 156.5in OAL, 2693gal, (Approx Tare
    Wgt 7,000lbs/Full Wgt 24,100lbs), Trailer Mounted, 96in x 162in, USED Equipment, in perfect working

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    Kenworth T800 Nitrogen Pumper

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    Kenworth Nitrogen Pumping Truck

    Kenworth Nitrogen Pumping Truck for sale

    Located in texas

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    Used Hydra Rig Coiled tubing Trailer

    Coiled tubing Trailer Unit, Originally manufactured by Hydra Rig.
    • Accepts Hydra Rig drop in reel.
    • Hydra Rig 680 injector head capable of 80K lbs. pull.
    • 100” hydraulic gooseneck.
    • Reel dimensions: 76” core x 69” width x 157” flange diameter.
    • Reel capacity of up to 22,000’ of 2.375” CT.