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CS&P 180K Nitrogen Pump Skid

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For sale is a used CS&P 180K Nitrogen Pumping Unit. Skid Mounted,

Specs: CS&P Technologies model ICC-180K SFA Liquid Nitrogen Converter.
The Liquid Nitrogen Converter is obtaining liquid nitrogen from an external storage tank and delivering gaseous nitrogen for external use. An external LN2 storage tank is used to provide LN2 to the boost pump at approximately 10-45 PSI LN2 pressure. Low-pressure liquid nitrogen is applied to the high-pressure triplex pump, pressurized up to 10,000 PSI, and gasified in a forced air ambient vaporizer that utilizes heat energy from the diesel engine’s exhaust and high-speed ambient air to convert the liquid into gas. The diesel engine mounted on the skid also provides power to the Hydraulic systems and lube oil system. The system is capable of delivering 180K SCFH of Nitrogen up to 10,000 PSI as gas at a temperature of approximately 70 ̊F.