Foremost Coiled Tubing Drilling Rig

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2007 Foremost Industries Coiled Tubing Drilling Rig, XTC-200/120 ST W w/Foremost Industries F200K-A/C Injector Head mounted on Temisko FX-T4W-60-3 Quad Axle Trailer complete with Temisko JD-T3W-26 Tri-Axle Jeep and Temisko Tri-Axle Booster.  Quad BOP.  Control Cabin/Dog House with Lifting Jacks mounted in/on roll-on/off Container.  Mud Pits w/2 Electric Shakers, Electric Stirring Paddles mounted on/in roll-on/off Container.  Electric Powered Mud Pump mounted in roll-on/off Container.  2 Electric Generators each p/b Detroit Series 60 diesel engines mounted in roll-on/off Container.